Anushka Wardenaar

Anushka Wardenaar

  • Psychological consultation
  • Biodynamic Body Focussed Therapy
  • Systemic works
  • NARM – NeuroAffective Relational Model techniques
  • Mindfulness

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Anushka is a first-line (body focussed) psychologist - NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists)

A body focussed psychologist combines psychology with working on the body and works in an eclectic and innovative way. Trains of thought are linked to physical sensations, such as things like chest pressure, tense muscles and breathing. Anushka works on the cutting edge of science and alternative ways of thinking. By combining both professional fields, you get a stronger and fuller image of yourself as a person. 

People who come to see Anushka are people with a whole range of  different complaints. They could be mood, sleep and/or stress problems. The problems are very diverse, from depression, burn-out, stress, trauma to less concrete or clear psychological rather than physical complaints. These complaints vary from light or medium to heavy.