Lucy Bosscher

Lucy Bosscher

  • Pilates

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“In this fast paced world where agendas rule and pressure to succeed is mounting, people live divorced from their bodies. What I do is help them re-unite and become a power couple. 

Healthy. Confident. Happy. And all that through Pilates!”

Lucy Bosscher has developed a unique teaching style, strong on verbal cueing and imagery - a nod to her background in languages. Her primary focus is to empower people by helping them understand their own body and use it in the most efficient manner.

"In 2011, after 25 years of living as an expat and further to an international career ranging from foreign affairs and diplomacy to luxury & executive education, with a dozen countries and 8 languages in my baggage, I settled in The Hague. No stranger to re-invention and starting anew, I decided  to change direction and translate my long time passion for Pilates into a business. And so ASPIRE Pilates studio came into being."

Aspire Pilates studio is located in BLOOM - House of Health