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Jet Centeno

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Getting back to who we are
​​​​​​Our biggest wish - something I come across time and time again - is to get back to who we really are. This wish gets even stronger as the journey gets longer, and the longer we stretch it out or hold it in, the longer we fight or run away, the harder the work or the apathy is, the more responsibility or helplessness we feel.

Whatever gets inside us, doesn't come out
If we become a stranger to ourselves, if we don't recognise ourselves anymore, if we are living on automatic pilot or are continuously in a state of control, whatever happens around us, never gets inside, and vice versa. Whatever does manage to get inside us, never comes out. That is often the moment when we realise: 'I don't want this anymore. Things have to change', 'I can't put it off any longer, I have to do something about it’.

I coach women, individually or in a group, who don't know how they can progress their problem or wish, but they know for sure that they want to take it a step further. Individual sessions, family constellations, such as the Mother Daughter relationship or the Father Daughter relationship, and Happy in Love (singles and couples) or the Journey of the Heroine course are just some of the different alternatives.

Education & development 
In my earlier career, I held several management roles in Corporate organisations within the field of Employability. In 2009 I started my own practice in coaching and until 2018 I developed and produced a national trainee programme. Also, since 2012, I have been a systemic coach and author and I developed a contemporary leadership programme for women called: "The Journey of the Heroine". Over the last few years I have taken several long-term and supplementary training programmes in the fields of family constellations, system dynamics within organisations, and developing potential. 



Mother Daughter Relationship

Jet Centeno

Family Constellations gives insight into the underlying patterns and dynamics of your problem or wishes.