There are many ways to start working on your mind. You will find some of the methods that are offered by the BLOOM specialists below. Click on the name of the specialist if you want to know more about the person and their specific treatment method.


Body psychotherapy

This therapy focusses on your body and might be helpful for you if you need more than your (verbal) therapy and are 'stuck' in your head while analyzing and over-thinking everything. You experience physical tension and are not (yet) aware of the cause. Regular treatments and research can't define a cause of your pain and are unable to solve your health problems.

Family Constellations

We are all part of a family system. The place/position you take within this system influences your behavior and relations with others. The mutual relationships can become disturbed when members take over each others emotions or tasks. This "feeling responsible" and "carrying" one another's business then becomes a kind of basic pattern which you use in the relations you have as an adult.

The family constellation makes problems clearly visible and brings back the balance, retrospectively.


Individual Mindfulness Training Course

This is a six or eight week program for individuals and companies, in which the content is the same as in the group course. The advantage of an individual program (instead of a group course) is that there’s more time and space for personal attention, we can plan the sessions when it suits your busy agenda and we spend an hour less on each session (1 hour per week instead of two hours).


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