Minelly van Dinter

Minelly van Dinter

  • Shiatsu therapy
  • Relaxing massage
  • Kobido facial massage
  • Aromatherapy

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I think that it is very important to take care of yourself. This will give you so much more energy for the beautiful things in life!

My interest and passion for health and the human body started at a young age. I had quite a lot of problems of my own and didn't always take care of myself properly. So I know what it's like to exceed my limits. Through my interest and passion for the human body, I've always been looking for a way to feel better. I've had several treatments myself and I've also learned how to do some of them. Finally, I came across Namikoshi Shiatsu. The way Shiatsu works really got to me and did me so much good that I wanted to make the art of Shiatsu my ‘own thing'. 

Relevant education
As well as being fully qualified as a Shiatsu therapist, at the start of 2019 I also qualified as a Namikoshi Shiatsu teacher. For this qualification I had to take several additional courses about nutrition, mindfulness, lots of other treatments, and exercise so that I can now provide you with a complete service.